Go Out Invites Social Disco Club at Elvis Bar|Supported by moodirregular.com

Humberto Matias, the name behind Social Disco Club, is a student of the past who invests his creativity and his energy in the present.

A well kept secret for some time – initally building steady props from his respected blog and Soundcloud drops, the Word is spreading as his talent does, and He is now able to count as fans people like Greg Wilson, Pete Herbert, and Steve Kotey.

It was with the blog http://www.socialdiscoclub.blogspot.com that the buzz started spreading.
Humberto’s passion for disco culture was there for all to see, with his posts often proving so popular that the site crashed for lack of bandwidth.

From free downloads of his work, SDC swiftly moved onto vinyl format with two 12” releases for Mindless Boogie, space in the record bags of Aeroplane, Ray Mang, and Faze Action, a number one in Juno’s Download Sales charts.

Tracks and remixes followed for the likes of Eskimo Recordings, Tirk, Bear Funk , Permanent Vacation, and, of course, a steady flow of brilliance on his own Hands of Time label, with his killer 12” ‘Daft Funk / Wild Bitch’ out now.

Upcoming remixes, original tracks, and reworks are the way in 2010 for American Standard, Is It Balearic?, Elevator People, Disco Deviance, Endless Flight, Gomma, and Mood Music.

A hugely respected DJ in his native Portugal, Humberto is beginning to spread his wings overseas – a trend that is only likely to increase.


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