Το “Elvis Bar” & η “Go Out Productions” παρουσιάζουν για πρώτη φορά
στην Θεσσαλονίκη ακόμα ένα ταλέντο της House & Techno σκηνής , “AlexKid” απτό Παρίσι με μόνιμη κατοικία τα τελευταία χρόνια το Βερολίνο.
Ο παριζιάνος τα τελευταία χρόνια κάνει θραύση στα dancefloor’s
όλου του κόσμου και σε πολλά festival, bar & clubs και φυσικά μόνιμα στο Watergate & Panorama Bar του Βερολίνου .
Στο ενεργητικό του έχει παραγωγές σε πολλά μεγάλα labels όπως Rekids, Desolat,Cadenza, Cabin Fever, NRK,Freerange,F Communications κ.α.


along with Mr Lookman


From roots in early nineties Parisian rave culture, this multi instrumentalist, composer, remix artist, DJ and sound engineer has set on a formidable trajectory since Laurent Garnier invited him to put out his debut single, ‘Playground’, in 1997.

Alongside definitive producers like St.Germain and Mr.Oizo, Alexkid spent many years as a flagship artist for Garnier’s F Communications label, playing a pivotal role in sculpting the profile of French electronic music both at home and abroad while developing his own inimitable identity.

An electronic missionary, Alexkid has taken his epic live arrangements and inventive DJ sets to the four corners of the map and everywhere in between, transferring his early infatuation with the live spectacle into moist celebrations of the moment. Connection is key, and Alexkid’s intuitive interpretations of other artist’s music extends far beyond the DJ booth. After ending five years of residency in Berlin’s Weekend club, he has finally moved to the German capital where he’s now set his base at Water-gate club.

In demand as a remix artist, he has lent remixes to everyone from Damian Lazarus to George Michael, Phonique to Crookers, Sasse and Kiki, Spencer Parker to Nina Kraviz, cultivating a collaborative understanding that is no more present than in the latest releases.

Alexkid tamed his ecstatic compositions into works of profound balance and precision. Working as much with the absence of sound, punches of silence punctuated slick productions in a body of work that complimented the dance floor with elegance.

With a collaboration with Berlin minimal troupe M.A.N.D.Y in the works, latest releases and remixes on Rekids, Cadenza, Cabin Fever and NRK, forthcoming releases planned on labels such as Jimpster’s Freerange, combined to his multiple tours and dates, Alex takes no rest… « Sleep is for the weak… »

On the internet

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AlexKid on tour

02/11 GPM Watergate / Berlin / DE
12/11 Vintage Club / Charleroi / BE
17/11 Rosa Bonheur / Paris / FR
20/11 Shine-on Festival / AU
24/11 The Deep End / Adelaide / AU
25/11 The Likes Of You / Melbourne / AU

03/12 Subsonic Festival / AU
10/12 PikNik / Tunis / TN
17/12 Spartacus / Aix-en-Provence / FR
22/12 Garito Café / Palma / ES
29/12 Rex Club / Paris / FR
31/12 Subliminal Fest / La Serena / CL

04/01 Tutix / Viña del Mar / CL
05/01 La Feria / Santiago de Chile / CL
06/01 Soma UnderBar / Concepción / CL
13/01 Elvis / Thessaloniki / GR
14/01 Watergate / Berlin / DE
27/01 PikNik / Tunis / TN


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