Fringe Productions Launch Party(London/UK),hosting Moodirregular Project.

Την επομενη εβδομαδα το Moodirregular Project ταξιδευει στο Λονδινο,με τον Karreta να συμπληρωνει μουσικα στο πρωτο βραδυ της Fringe Productions Limited.

H “Fringe Productions Limited” ειναι μια ομαδα νεων καλλιτεχνων με βαση το Λονδινο και τα cable studios,και στα πλαισια του πρωτου τους event θα παρουσιαστει και ενα ντοκιμαντερ με θεμα την πολυπαθη αυτη τη περιοδο Αθηνα,το οποιο θα συμπληρωνει το ελληνικο χρωμα της βραδιας.

Περισσοτερα για αυτους,απο τους ιδιους :

Our production company is hosting an amazing launch party.

Please come along for your chance to meet us and see what we are about!

We will have screenings of some of our work, we’ll provide some drinks and from 9.30pm we’ll have some awesome DJ’s playing the best music to get the party going.

Here’s a bit about us:

Fringe Productions is a young creative company based in Cable Studios, London.
Our vision is to provide solutions by creating and delivering innovative ideas with a personal impact.
We provide multimedia services with a special interest in social-cultural themes.
Consisting of two producers with a network of editors, animators and designers.
This enables us to undertake complex projects from start to finish and with clients globally.

Interested? We want to meet you too!

See you there!

Take a look at our website:
Follow us on Twitter: @Fringe_prod
Like us on Facebook:


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