AnD (Inner Surface Music,Modal Analysis) Exclusive interview

ImageTo techno δίδυμο των AnD μας έδωσε μια αποκλειστική συνέντευξη με αφορμή το release τους στην Electric Deluxe [AnD – Kundalini  – EDLX.034v] . Ακολουθεί η συνέντευξη και το preview του release,enjoy!

 -Tell us a little something about the duo’s story,not the official one,more like the key moment of your co-existence.

 We feel that one of the key moments of our existence as a duo was when we had first sent music to Horizontal Ground in 2010. We had heard back from the label within a day or two and then the record was out within a month of that. This was a really big thing for us to see our record on Hardwax and Clone and to see that so many people really loved our tracks. It was a massive boost of confidence for us at the time, and since then everything has just seemed to go from strength to strength.

-Which three words describe better the outcome of your latest release on Electric Deluxe?

 Energy, Power and Transcendental.

-Someone could say that the genre you stand for,refers to various eras of electronic Music.Which particular moment of the past 25 years describes your deeper influences the best?Is it an album,or even a person of the scene?

 For us one of the biggest influences has to be Aphex Twin, his music does it all! It can be deep, melodic, industrial, ambient, fast, slow. The guy is a genius and an everlasting source of inspiration, his music still sounds fresh no matter how many times you have listened to an album. You can still find new elements in his music everytime!

-Having already made your personal point as an artist duo, and after your release under the Athenian label of “Modal Analysis”, could you take a moment on telling us what you believe of the domestic scene’s potential?

 A domestic scene can have as much potential as it would like to have, but the one thing always needs to be remembered is to support each other.A lot of local scenes do not support one another, so they won’t speak about when they are putting their gigs on or who they have playing at their events etc. In order for underground music to survive local promoters should work with each other a lot more, They don’t need to be working on the same events but if they support each other in their own cities then they would actually create a scene, don’t see each other as competition, see each other as another collective that love what what you love.

 And last,what’s next for AnD?

 Next up for AnD we have a lot of amazing gigs planned for this year, we have releases coming up on Electric Deluxe, AnD, Inner Surface Music, Horo, Repitch Recordings and a lot more. 


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