About Us


In the beginning, the idea of Moodirregular was conceived as a general perspective towards life. Sick and bored, we watched the domestic dance scene being overwhelmed by facts such as lack of quality, lack of creativity and lack of renewal, thus hybernating the original party culture. Conventional was not an option anymore, something irregular was essential.

It was then when Moodirregular was founded by Achilleas, Elias, George, Greg, Sotiris and Manos. The Moodirregular project consists of two main bodies. The first one is the website, moodirregular.wordpress.com.The purpose of this website is to inform and familiarise people with issues regarding the domestic and foreign dance scene.Our blog will provide you info,photos and videos about events,venues and artists, reviews of the latest releases and last but not least interviews of your favourite local and international artists.

In addition to its reporting activities,Moodirregular team has also organised a series of parties taking place in well known clubs and secret locations all around Greece. It is the team’s ambition to bring all you open-minded people together and let you experience in whole a party as it should be. Combine techno, house, disco, funk, visuals, fine arts exhibitions, sexy people and voila, you get a Moodirregular party!Stay tuned and keep your eyes open! Life is too short to walk when you can dance instead.

Keep it proper!

Hosted and supported international&domestic Artists:


Levon Vincent ( Novel Sound,Underground Quality)

Jan Blomqvist

Aquarius Heaven(Circus Company,Wolf+Lamb)

Jeniffer Cardini

Anthea(Cecille,Air London)

Camea(Bpitch Control)

Tommy Four Seven(CLR Records)
Nicolas Lutz(Club Der Visionaire)
Rodriguez Jr.(Mobilee Records)
Martin Landsky(Mobilee Records/Pokerflat)
Miss Jools(Mobilee Records)
Sis(Cocoon Records)
Blond:isch(Get Physical/Kompakt)
Lee Jones(Aus Music/Watergate)
Maik Loewen(Pokerflat)




Stelio Gala

Mr.Statik(Bpitch Control)
And.id(Mobilee/2020 Vision)
John Dimas(One Records/Bass Culture)
K.atou(Deep Inside/Kill Techno Divas)
Alex Tsiridis (Cassergrain/Prologue)
Boronas (Square Room Heroes/Claap)
Monsieur Minimal(The Sound of Everything)
Jon Loq(Moodirregular Project)
Karreta(Moodirregular Project)
Wrong Display
Alex Nude
Jose Amba
Jiles John


Organised/Involved/Supported/Participated/Friendly Projects:

Fringe Productions Ltd(London/UK)Art is Hard,Reworks Festival,Camorra,Greeks Do it Better,Go Out weekly Events at Elvis Bar,Moodirregular Nights,Disco Chuchunie series.


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